Natural Love Palette by Too Faced | Review

            Last year Too Faced came out with this palette called, ‘Natural Love’. I have been obsessed over this palette but I couldn’t bring myself to pay 60 dollars for it. After being obsessed with it for a year, however, I finally caved and picked it up. And it did not disappoint me and was well worth the wait, for the most part!

            This palette contains 30 shades and retails for $60 which basically runs down to 2 dollars per shade. The outside cover has velvet on it, so it is so soft to touch, and it is just absolutely beautiful. I would easily display this palette just so I could stare at because of how beautiful it is. It is also very bendy and flexible so if you are one to use the mirror that is in the palette, it would be easy to do so despite the size of the palette.

            All of the shades are extremely pigmented which was a bit of a shock for me. The colors look very soft and romantic, so I was expecting them to be very sheer and not have a ton of color when applied. That was definitely not the case. Each shades was very pigmented and even more beautiful on skin than in the container.

            The best part about this palette is it has every single natural shade possible. It has soft pinks, golds, browns, purples, even a touch of mauve, and blacks. Even though the palette is a ‘natural’ palette, you could definitely use this palette to create a dramatic look every once in a while.

            The only thing I did not like about this palette is that while the colors are beautiful, they are a tad bit difficult to blend for me. Sometimes I will blend out a shade and the shade would completely blend into the next shade instead of creating a faded look. Some of the shades are very close in color and that makes it just a little bit harder to use, but once you have practiced a bit with this palette you shouldn’t have any problems!