Palladio x Casey Holmes Liquid Lipsticks | Review

June 12, 2018

Youtuber Casey Holmes, also known as my favorite Youtuber and/or spirit animal, partnered up to come out with three liquid lipsticks. I cannot believe it has taken me this long to review them because I have had these lipsticks since the release date. But, the day has come to officially share my opinion.

There are three different shades called Rescue, Georgia, and Ob-sessed. Rescue is a classic nude liquid lipstick. I personally feel it is THE perfect nude shade which if anyone would come out with the perfect nude shade it would be Casey. It is not too dark to where it looks more brown than nude, but it is not too light to where it makes your lips ‘disappear’. Georgia is the classic everyday peachy pink color. This is the most natural shade out of the three and is so pretty. The final shade is called Ob-sessed and is a darker raspberry pink color. It is a lot more daring in comparison to the other two shades, but I think it is a very pretty color.

The formula is amazing. It goes on very smoothly. It feels very moisturizing, and even when the lipstick dries I never felt it was drying out my lips like I do with a lot of other liquid lipsticks. These lipsticks also last a really long time. I went a good 4-6 hours without having to reapply the lipstick.

The only complaint I would have would be when applying the lipsticks they are a little messy. I did get it on my teeth a few times when applying, but once they are dry I no longer had this problem. It was only a problem when first putting the lipstick on.