3 Tips for Growing Your Eyebrows Out

            We’ve all been there. You go in and sit on a bed or chair, and close your eyes trusting your technician with your pride and joy. Your eyebrows. But when you open your eyes and check in with a mirror to see the aftermath, your eyebrows are seriously screwed up. So, you pay with a tight smile on your face, and you cry in the car on your way home.

            Ever since I was little, I had thicker eyebrows. It wasn’t until Lily Collins, aka my favorite celeb, made thicker eyebrows a trend that I started to thoroughly enjoy them. That being said, I have had my far share of eyebrow waxing mishaps, and let me tell you, I have been devastated. Not only does growing out your eyebrows take an excruciatingly long time to complete, but you have to live with imperfect eyebrows for a while. Here are a few skills I have picked up for dealing with the process.

Coconut Oil.
Coconut oil is basically used in every natural home remedy that you will find today. But, for good reason. Coconut oil has so many benefits as long as you do not ingest it. If you do, just be careful because studies are showing that coconut oil increases your cholesterol level. For your eyebrows, add a thin layer over your them, and then massage the oil into the skin in order to keep your eyebrows from looking greasy.

Biotin Vitamins.
I know what you are thinking, biotin vitamins are the thing those expensive vitamin companies advertise about having in their supplements. But, there are plenty of woman’s every day vitamins that include biotin and are sold for a reasonable price. Biotin is a vitamin that plays a role in the health of your skin, nails, hair, nerves, and your digestive system. Because of this, it helps your hair, including your eyebrows, to grow back a tad bit faster and stronger.

Don’t Touch Them.

The hardest part about growing your eyebrows out is not touching them up. I know they might look bad but just deal with it a little without touching them. If you don’t, then they’re never going to grow back. The process of growing your eyebrows out isn’t about getting the perfect shape, worry about that when you have you eyebrows back. When people go to touch them up, they will tend to over do it and then you’re back to square one.