The Judgmental Will Get Judged.

I follow a lot of people on Instagram and twitter who don’t practice what they preach. They swear they love Jesus, they swear they love God’s people, and yet they still attack others. If they’re not voicing their judgmental comments in person, then they’re doing it behind a computer screen. They judge people for not having the same beliefs as them. They judge others for what they look like and who they hang out with. They judge others for being different. All too often people forget that they are allowed to disagree without being judgmental and rude towards someone else.

People often believe that their opinions are facts. And when someone disagrees with them, they freak out. They make things personal instead of agreeing to disagree. Sure, beliefs imply certain things about people, their morals or interests. But if you can’t change someone else’s mind or you can’t change them, then why not turn away from them? Who are we to judge others for for being themselves?

We all have our own opinions. When we are younger we are taught to respect others opinions even if we do not agree with them, but then we watch adults not listen to this same piece of advice that they’re preaching. The internet has given us a new platform to express our feelings and beliefs. But it also gives us a platform for others to respond in a harsh way. We could disagree with others. We can try to convince people we are the ones who are right and we know what is best. But what we shouldn’t do is making a situation personal. People get angry that others don’t agree with them, and they respond by attacking others for their appearance or they participate in name calling. But it goes farther than that. People judge you for what you may have done, and they throw past mistakes in others faces to discredit them to the world. But did they forget that their not perfect either? So why judge someone for sinning differently than you?

It’s not okay to judge someone, however, we all do it. Someone walks through the room and we instantly judge them. We don’t mean to, well most of us don’t. But the first thought isn’t what defines you, it’s the second thought. It’s after we realize we just judge someone and then try to un-judge them by finding something good about them. See, we were never put here to judge. That is not our purpose here on earth. We need to give that act up to God because that is His job. We were put here to love one another. Yet some people cannot do that because their ignorance gets in the way. Instead of being judgmental, we should support each other. It is okay to disagree with each other as long as you don’t bring up irrelevant, personal, things into a discussion that has nothing to do with the discussion. Don’t try to hurt someone mentally or emotionally just because you disagree with someone. Can you imagine how much better off the world would be if we all tried to be nice to each other instead of trying to tear each other down? Don’t forget that God is the ultimate judge and He will eventually judge those who were judgmental.