How to Be Successful

When we were little, we were told we could be anything we wanted. We all had these wild dreams and crazy ambitions. But then we had to grow up. We learned about how difficult it was to make it out in the real world. And we learned what it took to make our dreams come true. We slowly lost the passion. We started settling for less than what we wanted. And, we thought to ourselves, how could we possibly be the one in the million who achieved their dreams?

“Whatever you want to do, If you want to be great at it,
You have to love it and be able to make sacrifices for it.”

The problem is, people fear hard work. They lack the motivation to push past all the obstacles in their way and refuse to get anything less than what they want. The truth is, if you have dreams, if you still have passion burning in their eyes that didn’t die after the time you were five, then you need to act on it.  Sometimes our dreams feel so out of reach that we doubt we will ever receive them. But just because the distance is long doesn’t mean you should throw in your shoes and settle for staying right where you are now.

One of the biggest reasons people don’t succeed is because they give up to easy. They let the fear and doubt talk them out of going any further. They stop too soon. If they would have kept putting in the work then they would have gotten to the finish line. Sometimes people cannot see past the sacrifices. If you want to achieve your dreams, then you’re going to have to work hard and give up a lot. You’re going to have to put not just a little bit more effort in, but a massive amount of effort in. You’re going to have to try harder than you ever have, and then you will have to try even harder than that. The key to success is discipline, hard work, and not giving up. You’re going to have to make sacrifices. Maybe you wont get sleep for a week, maybe it will be a money sacrifice, or you’ll have to give up going out with your friends so that you can study. There is never not going to be sacrifices, but these are your dreams kid. Now you have to show just how badly you want them.

The majority of people who are successful are where they are at today because they refused to take no as the final answer. You’re going to have so many people going up against you, but if you really want something you will do everything in your power to not only get it but prove you are worthy of it. Nothing is given freely in this world. Sure, some people have more of an advantage than you. But just because they have less obstacles than you doesn’t mean you can’t come out on top. Don’t play the victim card, don’t throw yourself a pity party. Instead, use that knowledge to your advantage. Know someone out their can get your dreams and let that motivate you and push you to work even harder to come out on top. 

You deserve what you earn, and what you earn is based on how hard you work and how much you want it. You might be rejected. Try again. And if it still doesn’t work, try again. You keep going, you keep working unbelievably hard until you get what you have always wanted. Everyone who has succeeded and who you have looked up to worked incredibly hard. Nothing was given to them. You, however, only see the success and not the work it took them to get to where they are today. What they did is possible. You just have to give it everything you got and then some.