What i Wish I Knew Before Freshman Orientation

Freshman Orientation is not all fun and games like everyone makes it out to be. Freshman Orientation is basically a way to get to meet your classmates and is often what kicks off your freshman year. If you are about to be going into college and you’re about to do the whole freshman orientation thing, then I have some advice for you because freshman orientation was nothing like I expected it to be.

Freshman Orientation Was Not As Fun As People Made It Out to Be.
Before freshman orientation kicked off, I was very excited. This is the chance to meet new people that will be in your life for possibly the next four years. I was expecting to be in this huge auditorium with access to talk to whoever you want. The movies always make it seem like you’re going to meet your best friend on the first day of orientation.

What really happens, at least for me, was they assign you into smaller groups and then you go into the large auditorium, but you are still supposed to sit with your small groups. Eventually you will leave the auditorium with your small group and you will have to go to the different activities they have planned. It is actually very awkward with this group because you know no one and you’re not making friends on your own. It is more like they’re trying to force friendships onto you which never works. Sometimes you can get lucky and you will be put into a group with someone who is compatible with you. Y’all will click and be instant best friends. However, you could have the opposite happen. You could be put into a group with 20 other people with who you are not compatible with. I can honestly say that out of the 24 other people in my orientation group, I ended up being friends with about 2, and we didn’t become friends until sophomore year.

We Still Have to Participate in Ice Breakers.
I thought I left this in the past, but no. You will have to participate in an ice breaker or ice breakers. I don’t know why we have to do this. It never makes me feel less awkward than I already am, it just makes me feel like a dork. You might get lucky and do an ice breaker with the entire auditorium at once so you don’t have 4,000 people staring at you. I was not so lucky. Each small group had to create a song or skit to introduce ourselves to the rest of the small groups in the big auditorium. No one will probably remember your skit in a month, but it is still embarrassing to participate in and you will never forget it.

You Might Skip an Event. Or Two.
Freshman Orientation has a long list of activities lined up that you are supposed to attend and participate in. That being said, there is only so much one person can take before they need a good 13 hour nap to recuperate. Freshman Orientation was four days long and the events usually begun at 7:30 and ended at 4:00 pm. I will admit that there were some mornings were I could not get up. I might have skipped the first event and then snuck into the next one. It really is not a big deal if you miss one or two as long as you attend the events they take roll in. After the first day, you can probably guess which events you wont be missed at.