Why Me?

In my last devotional post, I wrote about why not me, why not now. Why don’t I deserve the things I work so hard for while everyone else is achieving their dreams? But since then, I started to question why me. Why do I deserve anything? What makes me more special than the next person who is working just as hard for the same dream, and why was I born into the family I have while so many others are born and are suffering? Why am I sitting here complaining about not getting my way, and why do I even deserve to be where I am right now? The hard truth to swallow is, you deserve nothing.

What family you were born it, what circumstances you are born into, those are things you cannot control. And while in America it is true that everyone should be equal, the truth is we do not treat each other equally nor do we have equal opportunities for all the things we want to achieve. Someone in a lower class is not going to have the same opportunities and resources as a kid in a higher class .  And that is not your fault. It’s nobody’s fault. You shouldn’t feel guilty for what you have, but you shouldn’t be complaining about it either. While you sit there and try to play the victim of the situation like most people tend to do, including me, you’re not thinking about the people who have even less than you.  

Let me tell you right now, we are all born equal to God. What makes us go further in life is how we treat people and how we choose to use our life to spread goodness. Do you really think that God cares about who has the bigger house or which one of us is driving a Range Rover? No, He cares about how you treated His people. He cares about how you chose to present yourself to the world. He cares about how you fought past boundaries that should have never existed but do. He cares about how you used your power to contribute good to the world.

I was sitting here throwing a pity party for myself because my dreams haven’t come true. I’m not saying give up on your dreams or quit your job and go on missionary trips. I’m trying to show you that you have more than what you think. And you deserve none of it, so why do you think you deserve more. There are people out there that have less than you and they need you. And I’m not just talking about them needing money. I am talking about people needing someone to talk to, someone to volunteer their time. There are ways to contribute to others without it being a money issue. We often over look our blessings because we see others who have more than us. But don’t forget that the dreams you have probably also live in the heart of a kid who doesn’t have the same opportunities that you do.

We deserve nothing, and yet God gives us everything. He give you what you have because you are more special than the next person. He has blessed you because He knows you have the potential and you are in the position to share your gifts with the world. The next time you think you don't have enough, realize that not only do you have more than you think, but you have what others wish for and need. Most importantly, they need you. The sad part is, not all of us contribute good to the world. Some of us are selfish or ignorant. But we can change. We can give thanks for what we have instead of taking it for granted. And while you’re working towards whatever your dreams have, don’t forget to give to those who do not have what you were born with. At the end of the day, the materialistic things are not what matter. Instead, it is your actions and what you contribute to the world that are what is important. God didn’t give you what you have for you to not share God with others. And when you achieve your dreams one day, I hope this makes you feel extra thankful for all the blessings you have received.