Why Not Now?

Ever since I was younger I have had a long list of dreams that I want to achieve. I have put blood, sweat, and tears into ensuring these dreams come true, and yet it seems like my dreams are a million miles away. To make matters worse, I am forced to sit back and watch all of my friends not only achieve their dreams, but also dreams that we shared. While I am happy for my friends, it is hard and frustrating to have to sit back and see them achieve the dreams that seem so out of reach for myself. If I am working just as hard as the next person, why can’t my dreams come true now too?

            I have felt stuck for a while now. I work and make minimal progress. And just when I think something is finally happening, something pulls me back to level one. I’m tired of feeling stuck. I’m tired of working to achieve something that has yet to happen. And so I frequently ask God, “why can’t my dreams come true, and why can they not happen now?” But just because my dreams are not happening right now doesn’t mean I should stop working towards them. So even when I do feel discourage about my dreams ever coming true, I know that there is a reason I am in the progress stage and not in the completion stage.

            The truth is, everything happens for a reason. And God’s timing is always right even when I feel it to be wrong. But that doesn’t mean I don’t keep trying. That doesn’t mean I give up on my dreams all together just because they’re not happening right when I want them to happen. On twitter, Ashlin Veselka tweeted, “God only shows you pieces to the plan He has for your life because if He told you the whole thing, you’d honestly probably say no because you’re not ready to hear certain parts of it yet.” I think this is very true. See, I have big dreams, but God has some bigger plans for me than I could ever imagen. And if I were to know just what was in store for me, I might be too afraid and too discourage to act on those plans.

            God has a plan for me. He is on my side so when my wants are not coming true, it’s because they can’t right now. I might have lessons that still need to be learned, I might have other things that need to happen before my dreams can come true, there might be something bigger in store for me, or maybe the timing is just wrong right now. There could be a thousand reasons why they are not happening right now. But I am not going to give up because even if my dreams don’t come true. I would rather work and fail and try again until something happens, anything, than the reason for my dreams to not come true is because I quit or did not try. I just might get something more than I could have ever expect one day.