Winter by Marissa Meyer | Book Review

Winter is the forth and final book in the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer. While the first three books focused on futuristic retelling of Cinderella meets Red Riding Hood meets Rapunzel, Winter is loosely based off of the fairytale Snow White. In this final book, we not only get a little more background on Levana, but we also get to meet the girl who Jacin has previously claimed his love for. Within 800 pages, a revolution must occur and the gang must all come together to defeat Levana.

Winter, I don’t even know where to start with this book. One, this book was fantastic and, I have said this before, Marissa Meyer is a genius. Now that that is out of the way, this book captivated my heart. While it is 800 pages, I still wish it was longer. I could have finished this book within 3-4 days easily, but I so badly did not want it to end that I would stall on finishing it.

Lets talk about the characters. Jacin has always been portrayed as the heartless guard who worked for the queen, but in this book we were able to see a softer side of him when he was with Winter. I absolutely loved how much he cared for her especially considering that they have been best friends since babies. Even when everyone, Scarlet specifically, thought Winter was crazy, Jacin still understood her and would do anything for her. It just seems like every book makes me love the new couples even more than the last, with the exclusion of Cress and Thorne because no one can be better than them.

Speaking of my favorite characters, there wasn’t too much Cress and Thorne moments because obviously this wasn’t their book, but the Cress and Thorne scenes we did get were soooo good that it made up for it. Quality over quantity was definitely the case for these scenes. My little heart was very happy with their moments even though there were just a few moments that made me a little frustrated.

Wolf and Scarlet were still as cute and cheesy as ever, no suprise. But the one relationship I did have a bit of a problem with (very small, like micro small because I refuse to insult Marissa Meyer’s work) was the main one, Cinder and Kai. I feel like Marissa Meyer did such a good job with all of these characters, their stories, and their relationships. But, with Cinder and Kai, things just felt a little rushed. They’ve been together in a relationship ever since Cinder kidnapped him in the third book, but between then and the final, there wasn’t a ton of quality time for the two together. The ending made it seem like they were in love and have known each other forever when in actuality, they have had only a few scenes in Cinder, and then a little bit of scenes as a couple in Cress. But the amount wasn’t enough to make me feel like they were in love, especially in comparison to the other relationships.

Overall this book was absolutely incredible and such a fun ride. I loved it so much and this series quickly became one of my favorite series of all time. I give it 5/5, A ++ my dears. The best part of these books were the characters, and you are doing yourself a dishonor if you do not pick up this series and meet these wonderful characters.