Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han | Book Review

Lara Jean is in her senior year of high school, and she is living her best life alongside of her boyfriend, Peter. She has everything planned out for life after high school. She will be attending the same college as her boyfriend who has already been accepted on a lacrosse scholarship, and they even have their Halloween costumes picked out. Now, all she needs is her college acceptance letter. But, instead, Lara Jean gets some surprising news that messes up all her plans. Now, she has to create a plan b, and she has to figure out how her relationship with Peter will survive while being a million miles away.

I ended up falling in love with this book. I am one who hates to read the last book in a series just because I do not want the series to end, but I forced myself to start this book the day after I finished the second book. And I enjoyed this book so much. Definitely 5 stars from me. I have expressed my love for Jenny Han before, I think she is an incredible author. The way she writes just makes you feel so many emotions, and she writes about moments that girls go through all the time but no one ever talks about.

Spoilers. The most surprising thing that came out of this for me was Peter Kavinsky became my favorite character. In the first two books, I was a little wary of him because I felt like the relationship between him and Lara was very one sided. I just felt like Peter didn’t fight for her or stick up for her. But all of my distant and negative feelings towards Peter disappeared very early into this book. Before, Peter was known for not appreciating details and forgetting things about Lara Jean. But, in this book he really tried to be the perfect guy for Lara Jean. There were so many times where his actions were absolutely adorable and made me love him. He was doing so much for Lara Jean, and, not, to mention his relationship with Kitty just gets cuter and cuter with every book. There were moments where his flaws showed through, but I think at the end of the book you have a greater appreciation for him.

Spoilers. Not only did Jenny Han portray a story of a girl going off to college and having this relationship, but she also writes about how Lara Jean’s dad is growing closer to Trina while Margot is millions a miles away. So, when she finally comes back and sees her father’s relationship, she is very upset and feels left out of the family. These are just topics that are so common, but no one ever writes about them. And I think Jenny Han has done an amazing time about making these situations so relatable. Blending a family is difficult, and it can be more difficult when one of the children is not living at home full time. Here, Margot comes back and there is a stranger in her life who isn’t a stranger to everyone else she loves, and it causes Margot to feel like the stranger in the group instead.

Spoilers. One of my favorite parts of the entire book is that Lara Jean finally has some confidence in herself and in her relationship with Peter. The second book was all about Lara Jean comparing herself to Peter’s ex, but in this book she is very confident that their relationship will work even going to two different colleges miles apart. There was even a part where Peter was jealous because Lara Jean could potentially be going to college with John, who in book one got a love letter from Lara Jean and in the second book even kissed Lara. Peter asked if Lara Jean would also be jealous if he were to be going to the same college as his ex-girlfriend, and she honestly said no because she was so content with their relationship. We saw Lara Jean grow up a lot in this book which was so amazing to see.