Even a "No" from God is Still a Blessing

Have you ever had a near death experience? Have you ever witnessed a terrible situation and thought to yourself, “Wow, that could have been me?” But, why wasn’t it? What prevented you from coming in contact with that tragedy? Sometimes, it is God intervening in your life. Maybe you woke up 20 minutes late for work because if you had left when you planned to, you would have been in a car accident. Maybe your dog tore up your favorite pair of shoes because had you worn them like you planned, you would have tripped, fallen, and broken an ankle. Sometimes receiving a no to a situation that you want to happen is actually God’s way of taking care of you.

Ever since I was little, I hated being told no. I was an only child so there was a lot that I could do without limitations and rarely did I ever really here the word no. I wanted things to go my way, and only my way. Even to this day, I still struggle with being told no, and rarely do I except that I am not actually going to get my way. But, over the past few years, I have been told no by God countless of times. And a no from God really doesn’t allow negotiation, it is a firm no. And, at the time, I hated every no He gave me. That is until later when I realized that no was actually a blessing in disguise.

I remember being young and naïve, and my prayers also reflected these characteristics.  I remember praying for something to happen, and when it did not occur, I would get upset. Sure, God didn’t have to grant me my prayers. They were prayers and not wishes after all. But still, I thought me and God were on the same page, and I couldn’t comprehend why God didn’t want me to have whatever it was that I felt would be a great opportunity for me. But that is the thing, I was too young and naïve to not see that what I wanted could have one day hurt me. God knew better than I did. He was looking out for me. So as I got mad for not getting my way, God secretly had something better in store for me.

Whether it is because there is something better for you, or there is a lesson that needs to be learned, God is not always going to give you what you want. He knows what you need instead. You just have to trust that God is on your side. You have to trust that He knows better than you do, and that His plan is a million times bigger and better than what you could have ever dreamed. You just have to keep trying, keep working hard, and keep having faith. Even the littlest of inconvenience can be a blessing in disguise.