How to Make Friends in College

When you go off to college, more than likely you won’t be going to the same college as your best friend. In fact, the college campuses are so big that you could be going to the same college that 50 other people from your high school are going to and you won’t ever run into one of them. Also, don’t expect to become best friends with your roommate. Yes, sometimes it works out where you and your roommate end up having a beautiful friendship. But, it is difficult living with someone, and most of the time y’all will end up not liking each other or headed into two different paths before the year ends. That being said, college is where you’re going to meet some amazing people who will probably influence you and stay in your life for a long time. It can often be difficult and intimidating to make new friends in college, especially for introverted people, but these people are going to be in your life for the next four years.

Joining Clubs.
I feel like this is such a cliché answer, but it deserves to be mentioned because it can be one of the most helpful tips. Sure, you probably wont become friends with everyone in the club you join. But that does not mean you won’t find one friend. Friendship has to start somewhere. Becoming friends with someone who shares similar interests as you do is one of the easiest ways of making friends. Then, it is your job to grow that friendship past just shared interests to the point where if you took all of the things y’all had in common away, y’all would still be friends.

Going to Social Events & Engaging in Them.
When I was dorming, the dorms would have this one night where they would all participate in an event together. Some of the events I went to were so much fun and I met some great people, and other events made me wish I had stayed in my room, curled up, watching Friends. Social events can be a hit or miss situation. But, I encourage you to attend any social events your school is putting on because you never know the outcome. And, if you’re not having fun an hour into the event, you can always leave! No harm, no foul.

Don’t Be Afraid of Becoming Friends with People in Your Classes.
I was a little skeptical of becoming friends with people in my classes in the beginning because y’all will all eventually be competing for something, especially if you are going to be applying for medical school. However, the best people I ever met were the ones whom I met through the classes required for my major. Not only are these the people that can help you when you’re struggling in a class you share, but you can also study with these people. No one is going to understand all the time consuming activities you have to participate in to prepare for medical or dental school nor will they understand the pressure you feel when the application process rolls around. It is always good to have a friend who is experiencing the same things that you are because y’all will be able to understand each other and help each other. Don’t look at your classmates as your competition. Look at them as your allies, and look at yourself as your competition. Don’t try to be better than them, try to be better than who you were yesterday. That is the only way you will ever grow.

Campus Jobs.
The final tip would be campus jobs or volunteering with your school. Usually the best way to meet a whole bunch of people would be by interacting with a huge group of people. Campus jobs and volunteer opportunities are usually what draw out the largest crowds. And, both of these usually require you to interact with everyone whether you like it or not. This option really doesn’t allow you to leave without at least meeting one person.