P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han | Book Review

Lara Jean and Peter had only been previously pretending to date, so when did the feelings become so real? Now, she and Peter are entering a new relationship that is different than what either of them have experience, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be up against some tough road blocks. Peter has suspiciously been spending a lot of time with his ex-girlfriend, much to Lara’s disappointment. And another boy who previously received one of Lara’s letters is about to re-enter into her life and may turn it upside down.

I mentioned this last week when I reviewed ‘To All the Boys I Ever Loved’, but I hate love triangles. And I hate Genevieve even more in this book than the first one. But, Jenny Han still worked her magic because I became captivated and may have even rooted for the ‘not endgame’ guy at one point? Still to be decided because I still love Peter. My reaction with this book was completely different than expected. But don’t worry, you still feel all the crazy emotions that were packed into the first book!

Genevieve took up so much of this book, and that is probably the only reason I liked this book a little less than I liked the first one. A little less. I still loved this book. If Genevieve wasn’t intervening with Lara and Peter’s relationship, then she was constantly with Peter or being such a manipulative schemer. Even when Genevieve wasn’t actually in the scene, she was still in the scene because of how much Lara compared herself to Genevieve. This annoyed me, but the reason it didn’t make me hate the book is because what Lara was constantly thinking is something that most teenage girls do, especially in a new relationship. It is an important issue that needs to be addressed, and I think Jenny Han handled it quite well. She showed how Lara overcame her insecurities because of her love for Peter, and that was what is important.

Spoilers. I hated Peter through most of this book, but he won my heart back three chapters before the ending. It was actually difficult to hate Peter because we got a lot more Peter and Lara scenes, but the way he acted made me deeply disappointed in him. Peter’s attituded and behavior actually made me want Lara to break up with him and end up with John Ambrose (who was absolutely adorable). But, on Lara Jean’s birthday, Peter finally showed that he wanted Lara rather than have Lara constantly question if he loved her. When Peter declared he would win Lara back, ugh my heart.

This book may have had a few more road bumps than the first, but the more chaotic, the better. I loved this book so much. I actually finished this book in one sitting. I literally did not move from my spot on the couch until I was able to finish this book. I was very content with the ending unlike the first book, which is great because I had some adulting I needed to get done before entering the third book (don’t worry I’m already reading the third book by now). If you loved the first book, then you’re going to love the second book as well.