Stars Above by Marissa Meyer | Book Review

Stars Above is the sixth and final book in the Lunar Chronicles. It is a collection of mini stories about our dearly beloved characters who have just completed a revolution. These are the stories that were briefly mentioned throughout the series, but were never told in full until now. Each character has a story that is special, not only to them, but to the Lunar Chronicles as a whole. And, to finish off the book, we get one final chapter of all the characters together for a special occasion.


I loved the Lunar Chronicles, and I was so excited to begin Stars Above. I will say, I had previously thought this book was going to be a collection of stories about the Rampion crew after the revolution. However, that was not the case except for the very last story. Once I got over my initial disappointment, I was able to allow myself to love the stories. Each story gives important significance and more insight to what built up each character. For Cinder, it was the operation and then living with a new family. For Scarlet, it was how she had become close to her grandmother.

Each story was fantastic, but I have already previously mentioned how much I think Marissa Meyer is a genius so I expected nothing less from her. The only story that I did not enjoy, and actually initially disliked, was Thorne’s. Thorne’s story revolved around the many girls who had crushes on him and the many schemes he pulled off, including the story where he saved the girl from a thief only because he wanted answers to his math homework (which was the story that made Cress think Thorne was such a gentleman, that is until she found out the truth of the story she knew). If you have read any of my past reviews on the books in the Lunar Chronicles, then you know that not only are Thorne and Cress my favorite characters, but they are my favorite couple as well. Not only did this story make the hate the person Thorne was, but it made me feel bad for Cress because she knew a version of this story and thought so highly of him for the longest time.

This story, however, was important because it showed Thorne’s character development. Thorne had been this mastermind playboy for all of his life, but this revolution, these people, changed him. Thorne is no longer the same boy as he was in this story, and we this story allows us to see just how much he has changed.

I also loved the final chapter which is the wedding between Scarlet and Wolf. One of the littler moments in this scene that made my heart swell with joy is the moment when Thorne asks if Scarlet’s friend will be coming, the one he flirted with back in ‘Scarlet’, and Cress shows no sign of insecurities. Yes, we all know Thorne flirts with every girl in the world, but he will only ever love Cress. And she knows this, which is completely opposite than how she has been acting throughout the entire series.

The wedding, I don’t even know where to begin. Scarlet and Wolf are proven to be absolutely perfect together once again. Scarlet would never want an over the top wedding, and Wolf knew this. He loved her so much and wanted to marry her in a way they would both enjoy instead of them having to put on a show for all the guests that were invited. The wedding scene was perfect for Scarlet and Wolf.

And the last little bit of information we get from the final chapter is Cinder is now engaged to Prince Kai. I mean, we all saw this coming since book one, but it is still nice to see how they came together along with the reassurance that they do end up together. Their relationship has been one of my least favorites in this series just because I felt it was very rushed and they were in love with each other before fully knowing each other. But they captivated my heart in this chapter. This chapter showed just how close they had become and how much love they have for one another.