We Haven't Been Loving Each Other


If you look around this world, people have been so cruel to each other. Whether the bullying is taking place behind the walls of a school that should be a safe place, or behind the screen of a computer to where you cant be certain who is actually bullying you, it all exists. And for what reason do we have to be so cruel to each other? Is it fun? Does it make you feel more important and better than them? So the person next to you isn’t like you or maybe likes different things than you do. But guess what, they’re still a human being just like you. Whether you like it or not, y’all share qualities. Yet you take their differences and use their differences against them. All I have to say is you need to thank God He didn’t use your differences against you. He never used any of your differences, your mistakes, or your sins as a reason not to love you.

God said to love everyone because they are all His children. He created each one of us. Yet, I’ve never witnessed so much hate towards each other in my life. People can no longer just disagree about a topic. There has to be an argument with the result of one winner and one loser. Yet, it seems like we are all losing because we have lost the love we were supposed to share. Life isn’t about proving people wrong or coming out on top. Life is about teamwork. It is about lifting each other up rather than pulling them apart. Yet bullying has become a huge problem in our world. And some people do not even realize that they are the ones bullying others because their actions are so subtle.

So how do you know if you are in the wrong? Take a moment to ask yourself this, “would God be proud of my actions today? Would He be proud of how I have treated His people?” There will be situations that pop up in your head that you will try to defend. “Well I only told her not to wear that outfit again because it was ugly, and I was looking out for her”. Or, “I only told him he should run an extra 10 minutes because I care about his health.” But God doesn’t care about conditions or circumstances. They’re just easy ways to get away with being rude without actually seeming to be a mean person. God wants to see you love the person next to you despite their differences.

I know someone will ask how to we love the people who hate us, the ones who have bullied us? And it is a difficult situation to overcome. But loving someone is never just about the other person. It is about filling yourself with positivity and love. It is about letting the world see God through you. Look at it as you are not allowing their evil to corrupt your love and happiness. Being the bigger person isn’t about getting revenge on all the people who have hurt you. Being the bigger person is choosing yourself and killing everyone else with kindness and love. God loves the people the world loves to hate, and He still loves the people who hate Him.