End of Summer Book Haul | 2018

Sadly, Summer is ending (well maybe not sadly because I have been complaining about it not being October since July). And with seasons changing, I often find myself switching my reading style from contemporary books to fantasy books. I ended up placing an order for my end of summer TBR list. I bought four (technically three because the Belle’s Library book is mainly for decoration) contemporary books just to finish off summer, and I also bought four fantasy books to help me kick off fall with some books I have been looking forward to reading.

It is always a constant struggle to pick out what book to read next because I want to read them all, but if I had to choose I would say I am probably most excited to read Alex, Approximately and the Six of Crows duology. I also love the Mara Dyer series, and I am really excited to reread the series so I can finish it off with The Becoming of Noah Shaw.