Makeup Revolution Powder and Cream Blush Palettes Review

September 4, 2018

When it comes to makeup, I tend to reach for strictly lipstick and eyeshadow palettes. Everything else isn’t really on my priority list. I may own a million mascaras, but I really only use one at a time. And, same goes for blushes. I think I have one Too Faced blush that I regularly use. But, recently, I wanted to venture out and try some new products, and this led to me purchasing two blush palettes from Makeup Revolution. I picked up a powder blush palette and a cream blush palette. 

‘Blush Goddess’ Powder Blush Palette. 
 I have always had a preference for powder blushes over cream blushes, which is why I was look forward more to the powder palette than the cream palette. In this palette, The top four pods are highlighters. Let me tell you, I love the highlighters in this palette (the second one is my favorite!) The fourth highlighter has a very subtle shimmer while the first three all give a decent amount of shine. I even found that I liked the gold highlighter shade, even though it normally would not be my style. The formula to these highlighters are also great, they are so soft and light. A little really goes a long way.

The bottom four in the palette are the blushes. The first blush is a warm, orange, shade while the second blush is a rose gold color. The third is, in my opinion, is the perfect pink blush that every girl needs, and the fourth and final blush is a daring hot pink shade. Out of the four, I could see myself using two regularly and the other two on special occasions, but there is not a shade that I cannot see myself wearing ever. Again, the formula to the blushes is also great. They are very pigmented (except for the first blush), and it is easy to build the color up if you want to make your blush more distinct. I would give this palette five stars.

‘Melts’ Cream Blush Palette. 
I remember the first time I ever tried a cream blush. My best friend and I were getting ready for some dance performance for our class, and we were getting ready. She had brought a cream blush and I tried it. I was not a fan. Skip to five years later, and I am ready to try out cream blushes. I know, it really isn’t that big of a deal, but I have never liked cream blushes. And I would really like for that to change.

The first thing about this palette is that it does not contain any highlighters (obviously) which means you get four extra blushes compare to the powder blush palette. There are five shades in this palette that do look very similar, and are just a tad bit different from each other. However, the color is very pretty so I did not mind it too much. These blushes are very creamy and very pigmented. You really only need a few dabs and then blend them into your cheeks. I found that I actually really liked this palette. These blushes did last a very long time, and way longer than any powder blush I have ever tried. I would give it four stars, one is missing just because there wasn’t a huge shade range between the blushes.