Tour My Bookshelf! | 2018

I have been so excited for this post because 1. I love books and 2. I am obsessed with my book shelf. My bookshelf is a staple piece in my bedroom, it is one of the first things you notice when you walk in my room. And, I tend to redo my bookshelf about every six months for no reason other than I enjoy change. This last re-organization is probably one of my favorite ways I have ever organized my bookshelf. I do only have one bookshelf, and, because of how many books I have, I probably need two. However, I live in an apartment. So, I had to get creative on how I fit all my books on one bookshelf. This is why I will stack books, and then put books on top of the ones that are stacked. I still try to keep the stacked books the same genre of the books on top of them.

The first shelf has all of my Nicholas Sparks books. Yes, I do have every single book he has ever published. He was the first author I ever loved, and at ten years old I requested his books as my Christmas gift. Because his books have a special place in my heart, they deserve a special place on my bookshelf which is why the first shelf is strictly dedicated to his books.

The second shelf has any series that falls under the genre fantasy. This shelf has two of my favorite series ever which is the Mortal Instruments and the Lunar Chronicles. The third shelf has all the majority of my YA contemporary books. In my personal opinion this may be the prettiest shelf just because the majority of these books have very pretty covers.

The forth shelf has my fantasy stand alone books on the left, and then on the right I have all of my adult contemporary books (mostly Mitch Albom books because I love his books). I also do have some poetry books in the middle that separate these two categories. The fifth, and final, shelf has all of my self help and religious books.