How I Store My Hair Products! | Tour

October 30, 2018

A Latest favorite of mine recently has been headbands. I have been loving thick headbands, and I ordered so many that I had to get creative with how I stored them. I am one of those people where if the items are not insight, I will completely forget all about them. I found a similar idea to display headbands on Pinterest, and then ordered these lovely strings from Amazon. Then, I just clipped all of my headbands on with the pin clips.

The cabinet that has all of my hair products does have an organization system. I keep all trial and Sephora Play sent products in the front of everything in a white container. This way, I can constantly remember to try the trial products. This container was actually a desk organizer but I ended up using it for my hair products instead. On top of the plastic drawers, I have all of my hair products lined up. One line is hair textured sprays, the next is mouse, then gels, and finally dry shampoo. Next to the container of drawers, I have a big bottle of leave in conditioner and extra shampoo and conditioner.

In the first drawer of the container, I just have some hair accessories, as well as scrunchies and hair ties in the back. I also have all of my combs and hair brush in this drawer. The second drawer has all of my extra headbands that are used for working out, at home spa days, and some extras that I have not been wearing quite as frequently. The third and last drawer has extra makeup bags that I more than likely receive from Sephora Play.