Too Faced 'Sugar Cookie' Eye Shadow Palette | Review

January 29, 2019


It is no surprise from the amount of blog posts I have written concerning Too Faced products that I am a huge fan. This brand is one of my favorites. While I have a ton of the larger eye shadow palettes they sell, Sugar Cookie is the first smaller container eye shadow palette I have tried. I always have high expectations when it comes to Too Faced, and they have yet to ever let me down. This palette was no exception. With its sweet sugary scent and very pigmented shades, I found myself using this palette regularly.

Within this palette there are eight shades, and they are all so beautiful. I hate when you purchase a palette that has a limited number of shades and then there are maybe one, or two, shades that you would rarely use, but the other shades are perfect so you have to buy the eye shadow palette. This palette doesn’t have this problem. I could probably use every single one of these shades for an everyday look. I personally think the best shade is the shiny silver one. I have gone through so many similar shades trying to get this exact color and none of them have been this perfect. This shade is gorgeous, and now it is my most used eyeshadow shade ever.

Overall, I really enjoyed this palette, and I would recommend it to others. It is a very versatile palette, even with it only being eight shades. The presentation of this palette is also absolutely adorable. It smells so good and the container is so pretty. I really have fallen in love with this palette.