Too Faced 'The Sweet Smell of Christmas' Lipstick Set | Review

January 22, 2019


I have always loved the Christmas makeup sets, especially the ones done by Too Faced. So, I was so excited when I saw The Gingerbread Spice eye shadow palette and The Sweet Smell of Christmas lipstick set.

One of the best parts of this entire set is the packaging. I absolutely love the handles for each of the liquid lipsticks. Each lipstick has a holiday theme, and for each theme that the lipstick is called and smells like the handle also has the design of the theme. These handles have to be the cutest things ever. Also, the lipsticks really do smell amazing and like what they are claimed to smell like. Too Faced has always been very good at making their makeup smell like candy.

My favorite thing about these lipsticks are the shades. There is an orange shade, a really light tan/natural shade, a deep red shade (the most perfect holiday red shade I have ever found), and a deeper brown/natural shade. You can use these shades every day for all types of occasions. These would also be the perfect lipstick set if you are first getting into makeup because they have the best variation. The lipsticks may be similar but they’re different and really the only other lipstick you would truly need is a true pink (and only if you are in to pink lipstick.)

The one thing I do not like about these lipsticks is the matte finish. I know, they are matte and if I didn’t want matte then I shouldn’t buy matte lipsticks. But the only problem with these is when they dry you can see every crack and flaw with you lips because they dry like a second layer of skin. I usually have to use a lips scrub right before applying and I also have to use a gloss or a Chapstick over the top of the lipstick once they have dried.

Overall, I really do like these lipsticks and I would recommend them to anyone! Just be careful with the finishing look because they can dry out your lips a bit.