Soap and Glory Haul and Review

February 5, 2019

Recently I finally strayed away from my bath and body works skincare products (if you know me you know this is all I ever use) and tried out the brand Soap and Glory. My best friend loves this brand so much, and back in 2014 Soap and Glory abandoned the use of microbeads. Instead, they started using organic ingredients. So, of course I had to try out their products.

I am not normally one to buy hand lotion, I never quite understood why I couldn’t just use normal lotion for my hands. However, I really do like this lotion. It is the perfect size to throw in my bag so I can use it throughout the day. The best part is the lotion absorbs easily and quick so you’re not left with a greasy feeling. The smell is also amazing, just be careful with how much you use because the smell can be a little strong. And, the most important part, this lotion keeps your hands soft.

I once was told if you use body lotion on your feet it can cause them to become greasy and smelly. I’m not sure how true that statement is but I was scared enough to never use body cream on my feet. That being said, I have fallen for this lotion. This cream has the most amazing smell. I don’t even know how to describe it, it smells kind of like minty and eucalyptus. It is also so moisturizing, I will put it on in the morning and my feet will still feel soft when I get home in the afternoon. I think this might be my favorite product out of everything I bought.

OOH. This was the product I was most excited to buy and try. The smell of this product, we need to take a second to appreciate the smell. It smells like banana pancakes. This smell also is linked to some memory of mine that was completely forgotten and brings back good feelings. I love to use this scrub when I shave. I feel like because of the oatmeal gritty texture it really exfoliates my skin. You also get so much for only 15 dollars, this container will probably last me longer than six months.

The scrub of your life was actually the first product I tried, and I was pleasantly surprised. This product made me have high expectations for all of the following products because I loved it so much. The best part of this product is the smell, and it is very light weight. Also, this brand claims they do not use microbeads and if that is the case, this product is the closest you will find that feels the same way that products with microbeads feel like.

Oh my goodness, THE SMELL OF THIS SOAP!!! It is heavenly. When you first put it on, you will instantly get hit by the scent, and let me tell you, it is pretty amazing. I loved the smell of this the second I pumped it out of the container. This is the prettiest scent I have ever found for a soap. And, it also causes your skin to feel so soft after your bath or shower.

This product is probably the biggest known product from this brand. When I first found Soap and Glory it was because everyone was raving about this product. So, of course I had to figure out why everyone loves this product so much. The first thing about this product is the smell, again. I really think that Soap and Glory has some of the best smelling products. There’s just nothing like them. It is a very calming scent that smells very pretty. The lotion goes on very smoothly and dries very quickly leaving your skin soft. This is my favorite aspect because I cannot stand to put on lotion and feel sticky for the next 30 minutes to an hour.

Overall, I am very happy with the products I bought from Soap and Glory. I would recommend all of the products I bought to anyone. Also, I love that they have declared not to use microbeads which is very good for the wildlife. There products have a ton of girly and pretty scented products. Each one helps to make your skin super soft and feels so nice.