Face Mask Silicon Brushes Review

September 2, 2019

If you’re like me, you didn’t even know silicon brushes existed. No, seriously. It was only a few months ago that I was putting on a face mask, and using my hands to do so, and literally said to myself, “I wish they would make something for you to use to apply your face mask, like a brush!” No, I did not google if face mask brushes existed after this happened. If I did, I would have bought these brushes a long time ago. It would be a few weeks later that I would be watching one of my favorite youtubers doing a skin care routine video on Instagram when I saw these brushes actually existed.

Obviously I am a millennial which means we buy everything from Amazon, including these brushes. There are a few mixed reviews on Amazon, some reviews said that the brushes caused the face mask to be thick and spotty, so I was little skeptical on if they actually worked. They were also only four dollars for a pack of three so my skepticism grew even more.

For me, I didn’t have any issue with how thick or thin the brushes spread the face mask, in fact, I thought it spread the face mask more evenly than using my own hands to apply it. I tried a bunch of different face masks with different textures and consistencies and never had an issue with how these brushes applied the face masks. I actually really liked these brushes, and I was so glad I found something to apply my face masks that wouldn’t make my hands all messy.

The only thing I didn’t like was the shape of these brushes. They flair out at the end which makes it difficult to go around your mouth, nose, and eyes. There are other silicon brushes that are have different shape forms and I have thought about buying and trying some of those just because it would make applying the masks even more easier. I think my biggest advice is if you’re going to purchase the silicon face mask brushes, get a variety of different shaped ends because it’s going to help you apply your face masks perfectly.