About Me

Hi everyone! Welcome to Write Out My Dreams. My name is Remington Taylor and I currently reside in Houston, Texas right next to the medical center. I have two dogs and a cat who are my fur children and basically run my household. I am in my last year of college studying biology, psychology, and neuroscience! And, I am also a pre-dental student! 

I've had this blog for years and if you dig hard enough you could possibly find posts all the way back to when I was in High School. I never knew what I wanted to write about, I just knew I loved writing and I love blogging. This blog has taken a turn to beauty, lifestyle, and advice route. I love makeup and doing my hair but I also love to decorate and redecorate my entire apartment at any given moment. I also wanted to possibly help out someone who is in college or a pre dental student. I wanted to give the advice that I wish others had given me. 

I also have a book blog called Paging Remington which you can find by clicking the 'Paging Remington' tab or going to www.pagingremington.com 

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