Hey Y'all! I have been blogging regularly for about a year now and I absolutely love it. I use to blog in high school but ended up creating a new blog to share everything I love. There is so much that goes on on my blog so I would like to share with you my weekly upload schedule so you can get a feel for what my blog is about. 

Monday: Beauty and Fashion
(This category is all about my style and how beauty routines. I like to review a ton of makeup products but I also like to throw out some hair care and tutorial blog posts)

Tuesday: Organization
(I am hugely obsessed with organization and keeping everything clean. That's just how my mom has raised me. I like to share some organization tips and show y'all how I organize my things)

Wednesday: Advice
(I am 19 years old and have a ton of advice about college and life in general from my own perspective and I love to share it with y'all)

Thursday: Book Reviews
(If there is one thing you should know about me, it is I love to read. I probably love to read so much that it might have harmed me in the sense that I would rather read than do anything else. I have read, and still read, so many books and book reviews are some of my favorite posts to write about!)

Sundays: Devotion
(I love God and I love to preach about Him. I'm pretty sure my friends are a little sick of how much I preach so I thought instead I could share my devotions on my blog)

Fridays: College Highlights and Adventures 
-once or twice a month-
(I am currently a college student and for me my blog is one big diary so I wanted to include some highlights of college. I only posts these posts once or twice a month because they are HIGHLIGHTS. Most of the time I am studying or doing homework but there are moments that I enjoy and do fun stuff and I want to share that not only with you but with myself in the future)

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